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    100% natural ingredients

  • Not tested on animals

    we love animals

  • sustainable

    durable & refillable bottles

  • vegan


Our standards for your hair

Clean, Vegan Shampoo and Conditioner

Zamata Cosmetics products are organic, certified and contain the best natural ingredients.

  • without Sulfates
  • without Parabens
  • without Mineral oils
  • without Microplastics
  • without Silicones
  • without PEGs or Phthalates
  • without synthetic Colors and Fragrances

Made in Germany

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Our Ambassadors

Zwei Mädchen mit Afrohaare mit ein Mann Glücklich mit Basketball

You can make it worth it

It is more than just styling!!

With every application, we are celebrating the health of your hair and scalp, embracing our responsibility to the environment and letting you enjoy life's most important moments.

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